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Fast and Secure crypto-currency
mining services

Coinstack is an Australian based professional mining pool.


Create your Coinstack account and get instant access to the pool.

Connect your hardware

Direct your mining equipment to the coinstack pool or select our cloud mining service and start mining.

Make some coin!

Earn Bitcoins as the pool finds blocks.


What are Bitcoins?

Bitcoins are the only currency not printed from a central reserve bank, and are ‘decentralised’ with a finite supply. BTC transfers are instant, have fees that are minimal or zero, and operate with cultural, linguistic, and religious neutrality.

Why do people mine Bitcoins?

The purpose of mining is to secure and verify all transactions occurring on the Bitcoin network. The reward for mining is Bitcoin currency issuance - which is an incentive ensuring that the Bitcoin network remains secure.

What is pooled mining?

Crypto-Currency Pooled Mining is a way for multiple users who own independent ASIC mining machines to work together to mine bitcoins ‘in a pool’ where they can then share the rewards fairly.

Our company and infrastructure are Australian based, however, as crypto-currency is global, we accept connections and accounts from anywhere in the world.

Once you have registered and successfully activated your COINSTACK account, you can then create and manage ‘workers’ to mine Bitcoins (BTC). Rewards are paid in BTC, with ‘cash outs’ to your own nominated wallet only a click away!


Bitcoin Stats

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Stats sourced from blockchain.info