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About Us

Welcome to the COINSTACK mining pool. We are an Australian registered company dedicated to giving you the very best Crypto-Currency Mining experience.

Founded in late 2013, COINSTACK Pty. Ltd. has come a long way from its humble beginning as solo mining hobby with only a few Mh of power….. a time when you could make a stack of bitcoins with just a few video cards over a very short period. How things have changed. With the rise of industrial scale mining creating a constant fear of certain popular pools approaching 51% of total network hashing power, we decided that we would establish an alternative professional mining pool that caters for an Australian and New Zealand client base, while also ensuring we play our part in trying to keep the network decentralised.

Getting to where we are at today has not been easy – especially with so many man hours of beta testing addressing security and stability concerns. In parallel, COINSTACK engaged with many Bitcoin communities and industry related stakeholders, and the feed back has been very encouraging.

We are now proud to say we have a dedicated team ready to serve clients with mining equipment from anywhere in the world, a three-phase dedicated Crypto Lab in Melbourne, Australia, for our own mining and R&D, which also runs full nodes for several crypto-currencies. COINSTACK also provide a respectable clouding mining service for those wishing to try mining without actually investing in or owning the physical hardware.

We hope you enjoy the experience of mining at COINSTACK as much as we enjoy offering this service to you.

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us!